Our Brands

The Shamrock Irish Pub

Operating since 2015 The Shamrock Irish Pub established its flagship bar in Hoi An. Offering our customers amazing views to its famous Sông Hoài river, live bands that play every evening, pool table, darts, live sports, friendly atmosphere and all nicely fused together with Vietnamese and Irish culture.

Madam Kieu

Madam Kieu started operating in September 2016, enticing its customers with a welcoming range of authentic Vietnamese cuisines, live bands, and amazing views of Hoi An which include both the Sông Hoài river and the busy night market district.

Kieu Garden

Kieu Garden opened its doors to the public in February 2019 offering its customers Vietnamese fusion cuisines. The restaurant successfully created a garden atmosphere for its customers with an open kitchen, a huge selection of wine from our largest wine cellar, live music and an amazing vibe as the restaurant faces directly onto the beautiful Sông Hoài river. Due to COVID we closed in mid 2020 and will be reopening in a band new location in HoiAn in 2022.

The Beer House

The Beer House established in Dec 2019 has allowed for  customers to no longer have the need to bar hop with efforts to find a beer that they want to find. By having a wide range of local and imported beers to select from on tap or by the bottle our customers can finally sit down relax and enjoy the day or evening with friends and family trying the huge range of beers we have available. Due to COVID we closed in mid 2020 and will be reopening in a band new location in 2022.

Mangata Boutique Hotel

Mangata Boutique Hotel rated as a four star luxury boutique hotel.
Due to the COVID pandemic the opening of the hotel has been placed on hold until the world returns back to normal.

Located in Hoi An, the hotel will give our customers the privacy that they need after exploring the city of Hoi An. With two restaurants onsite, pool, day spa facilities and much more. Our customers are sure to find something with us to feel refreshed and relaxed after a day out.

Banh Mi Kieu

Banh Mi Kieu opened to the public in the beginning of 2021, selling Banh Mi and non alcoholic beverages to our customers.

Located in Hoi An Old Town, the business has met and exceeded all expectations to date. The venue offers customers the option to take their food on the go or enjoy their meal inside our wonderful restaurant.